The Products of uvasol

uvasol’ SPF 15 sun lotion – 300ml

uvasol’ SPF 15 combines the latest developments in medical research, with up to date ingredients and modern formulation technology, to produce the most scientifically advanced ‘sunscreen’ product available today.

First lines of defence: -

UVB protection: SPF 15, absorbs up to 93% of the sun’s UVB rays
UVA protection: Ultra Five Star UVA protection
Australian UV-A Standard
Absorbs 98% of UVA rays

Second line of defence: -
• ‘Free radical’ protection
uvasol’ contains a unique ‘free radical scavenger’ complex. This includes: Natural Vitamin E and Lutein.

These powerful natural antioxidants aided by Benzophenone-4, actually hunt down ‘free radicals’ released both on and beneath the surface of the skin and eliminate them.

uvasol’ After Sun Lotion - 300ml

uvasol’ After Sun Lotion has been specially formulated to provide the following

Soothes, cools and moisturises your skin after exposure to the sun
Unique complex, including naturally derived ingredients, helps to prevent the
signs of premature ageing of the skin.
Includes powerful natural antioxidants which continue to protect your skin after
exposure to the sun, by hunting down damaging ‘free radicals’.

uvasol’ – Maximum effective protection for your skin

All the products of uvasol’ have been Dermatalogically Tested, include an informative leaflet and are in a crushproof pack.